Sunday, 5 March 2017

my garage tidying gauge is still at the dark star dense setting

I'm still in the tidying marathon, although today I decided to take a pause.

I've almost got the original three sides of the garage that were filled with clutter down to one (short) side. The 'to be skipped' pile is getting larger again ready to be pushed through the garage doors when I'm good and ready.

To be honest, the hastily snapped interim picture doesn't really do justice to the full scale of the situation. It was taken just before I demolished that desk unit and filled the space with more crates.

Indoors, the attic is clear although I have remembered that there is a whole stash of further stuff under one of the beds. Cupboards and wardrobes are still full and the music room has an entire department of various electronica, lighting and video equipment.

I decided to invent a guide to show my progress with tidying over the next few weeks.

The purple arrow is 'now' and the dotted one is where I started.

When we sold the central London place a couple of years ago, it was a much simpler process. Before that sale I actually drove to an IKEA and bought a few extra items. New table and chairs for the balcony looking over to Battersea Park. A couple of interesting IKEA tall light fittings so that the full range of switches was in use. Around £100 of IKEA soft furnishings. Okay, I did also replace the oven and dishwasher with state of the art slide and hide Neff and Miele ones.

Finally, the offer (after sale) to include all the furnishings for a very modest additional sum. It saved the entire packing and storage process and, really, we didn't need any of what was there and I didn't want to store it back here.

The buyers leapt at the chance to take everything so they now had a turnkey pied-a-terre in central London. Unlike the house-flipping politicians, and off-shore tax haven-ed fat cats, we duly paid the regulation amount of capital gains tax. I guess we are not as smart as some of the new world leaders who can dodge tax bullets.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to look at ads for short-term rentals in case we have to wait for our next place to be built.

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