Monday, 27 March 2017

a peek at the power station

Now they have more or less finished one of the front chimneys on Battersea Power Station, it is once again stating to dominate the skyline along Chelsea Bridge Road. It has been so long without all the chimneys that the whole structure almost looks bigger than before.

The sides of the building are now closely enclosed by the new housing development, which is restricting the view of the giant power station to only certain angles.

With the walkway along the Thames now opened, it is possible to legally get much closer to the whole structure too. I can remember when they would occasionally leave the riverside gates open and it was possible to cycle in for a naughty peek, but now it is turning into an area that will have pubs, shops and even something referred to as a village hall.
They are clearly targeting a certain clientele, what with the new gold-tastic finish on the entire west facing block of apartments. I'm not sure, but it looks as if they have built a new retaining wall along the trackside in gold too. I suppose it is to block the view into the apartments from the trains, and maybe to give new residents some gold blocks to look at from their windows.

Of course there will be a Dodd's organic gin distillery, Wright's champagne and lobster bar and a Flour Power bakery selling Hoxton rye levain, so the usual food and drink necessities of life will be covered.

It is interesting to see these new premises depicted on the sketch map, where the minor Sopwith Way (which currently has a black cab selling coffee parked at the end) is shown, yet the main A3216 Queenstown Road isn't.

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