Monday, 26 December 2016

remembering to use Boom on new macs

I'm sorting out and simplifying my various technology. I notice today's New Yorker cartoon says "Everything is charged!" - which I still consider to be an imaginary state.

A current dilemma now is how best to simplify music collections. Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, actual CDs and vinyl. I'll start with something simpler - the sound replay. For many years I've used Boom as a sound enhancer on the various Macs, but I've only recently noticed Boom 2, which I assumed was a bit of a cash-in and ignored.

Oops. Wrong. It's a very handy compressor/equaliser wth multiple presets and makes a remarkable improvement to casual listening via whatever device is to hand.

That was easy. One sound control now does everything very well and is making Regina Spektor sound perfectly wonderful.

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