Thursday, 12 January 2017

nothing to do with russia?

There's a kind of irony to the current situation where black-PR kompromat has appeared linked with the Trumper.

Considering how many truth-free stories he launched in the campaigning stages before the US election, it doesn't seem too strange that a smattering of dodgy fake-news are now flowing in the other direction.

I guess it's another nail in the coffin for journalism. It's already often just warmed over newswire and PR stories in any case. Now we seem to be getting mainline channels running unverified codswallop.

Some of these stories aren't even new. It was always going to be a matter of timing about when they would get released, stacked up ahead of the swearing in of the new Presidente.

But the sloppiness of the coverage in the 'leaked' Company Intelligence Report takes things to a new level. Take Alfa Bank which is spelled as Alpha in the report. Yes, there is an Alphagroup too, the Spetsgruppa "A", but that is something else entirely, admittedly linked to the FSB's Spetznaz Special Forces.

That someone potentially multi-passported denies a clandestine visit to Prague? The Trumper distances himself from friendliness with Mr Putin and company? That from the podium Trump denies Russian dealings? Well, here's a picture of him in Moscow with Miss Universe.

Or maybe with Aras Agalarov, the Moscow tycoon? And the Russian pop singer Erin also in the picture?

Who knows?

Perhaps ex-campaign manager and self-professed 'King of K Street' Paul Manafort with his Russian and Ukrainian little black book ;-) has some insight, although since sacking by Trumpers a few months ago maybe replacement Steve Bannon with his Alt-Right agenda would shed a light?

I'd say the situation is unbelievable, but somehow that doesn't cover it. сокращение до абсурда / Sokrashcheniye do absurda, as they might observe in Moscow.

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