Saturday, 14 January 2017

Inside share price punditry

They were just re-running Wolf of Wall Street on telly and I remember the improvised Matthew McConaughey description of Wall Street trading.

The great fugazi.
Just add a dash of Bernie Sanders quotes and we can start to see that the next few weeks and months can be an unpredictable ride.

It's hard enough to make any sense, what with the weakening pound.

Sure, it boosts the apparent value of shares, but at the moment we appear to be at roughly the same rebased level as in 1999.

The end of year assessments from the learned financial advisors are coming in, and in some cases they have comprehensively failed to beat the market average.

That's where Matthew and Leonardo could well be right.

Keep the punters in the market.
Don't let anything crystallise.

Although it could be harder than it sounds with the bucking bronco about to kick in.

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