Wednesday, 28 December 2016

adding an extra MacBook Pro charger

There's the usual need to buy more chargers and adapters with every new computer purchase. I decided to try one of the smaller multi use devices for both laptop and gadget charging. Rated at 60w, it is one watt less than the official rating of my MacBook, although when I boot the MacBook Pro the rated wattage seems to be 45w.

Suffice to say it works fine. The little charger is quite a lot less expensive than the Apple one, especially when considering it can be used for multiple purposes. A well-known brand in America, it has all the requisite short circuit, surge, over current and temperature protection too.

This way I can flexibly have my usual three chargers. One under the sofa. One in the home office and one for on the road. Although, the sneaky thing is that the cables for USBC also need to be PD rated for power distribution or they won't work. Clever, eh? New smart cables as well as new adapters.

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