Friday, 30 December 2016

traveller's tyre travails

My summer tyres are rated Y and the winter ones are H. All manufacturer fitted. That means that the lower set is rated to 130 mph and the higher set to 186 mph. Both well in excess of the UK speed limits. Both sets are also rated for high loads, so I'd think that after one recent 60mph tyre blowout on the M25, I'd be okay for a while.


Another 55 mph blowout. Same side. Different wheel.

This was after they'd been checked in the workshop a week ago when I had the front one replaced. This time I was on the A69 approaching Carlisle. I could even notice that the pop was quieter than the front tyre, and I was able to pull off of the single carriageway 60 mph road into a turning.

Time for the space saver again and then back to a nearby tyre place.

These tyres all had plenty of tread, but I decided that it was time for a rashbre recall and so, probably to the delight of the service centre, I had the destroyed tyre and the other two offside tyres replaced. They showed me that the other two still looked good. Even raised the car so that I could walk underneath to look for myself.

But it's one of those piece of mind things. Instead of two more potential explosive devices along the driver side, I now have four brand new tyres, and an unplanned trip to my dealership to discuss the use of their premium MO homologised manufacturer specific tyres.

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