Monday, 14 November 2016

sheep dip

Just like sheep need protection via a sheep dip, I use ad blocker software, to stop as many pests as possible.

Nowadays more of the sites feature that 'you have an ad blocker installed' message, but they have brought it upon themselves with those self starting videos and other annoyances.

It's when I go 'shopping' on the internet, that I don't mind the adverts, because that is part of the point. At other times, having the equivalent of chuggers fronting up to me every few minutes is just plain annoying.

There's still the woefully inaccurate targeting of the ad software too. Amazon mainly uses things that might have been browsed in the past. Often it can be post purchase, and when it attempts CD, books and movies, there will inevitably be something recent thats been 'promoted' as part of a campaign.

Facebook attempts at lifestyle. I was particularly struck with the one it ran on my birthday, suggesting a funeral plan.

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