Friday, 4 November 2016

loopy windows moment

My Windows computers run on Windows 10, which generally provides a good environment.

The challenge is around the revised update protocol it uses. Whereas the older Windows used to ask about updates, some versions of Windows 10 force system updates.

It can be annoying. It just happened to me in the middle of using the garage computer. It stopped in mid-flight and proceeded to update itself. Despite those 100% complete messages, it decided to reboot itself about three times and altogether took 15 minutes to go through all the machinations.

Given that the same machine had been switched on overnight the prior evening, it would have made more sense to do this kind of thing when the machine is clearly unattended.

A different rashbre related remote PC has attempted a similar update but stopped partway through.

It keeps rebooting and getting lost in the middle. Microsoft also removed the old "boot with F8" safe mode option, so the machine is effectively unusable now until I can physically get to it to work out how to rescue it.

The update appears to be linked to Windows 10 Version 1607 - the so called Anniversary Edition. Since release it has not taken long for forums and newsfeeds to show systems unable to complete updates, but also not able to boot because of the unfinished update, leaving them stuck.

This is where 'it all works perfectly in PowerPoint' springs to mind. Less so in the analogue.

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