Thursday, 1 September 2016

shake it

A couple of weeks ago I had one of those notifications about a possible hack from Morocco into one of my accounts. Annoying, but stopped at source. It's a recurrent problem for long term userids where we tend to flit around both virtually and geographically.

Asking myself, "What would Taylor Swift do?", I decided to re-run the have i been pwned test to see whether there were any new hacks to report.

All the ones listed were the ones I had previously dealt with, although nowadays there's probably a couple of hundred sites and over a billion accounts listed in their site.

Actually, as well as this list of my compromised accounts, I've also been compromised on, but that's via one of my professional userids, rather then my play ones.

Many years ago I used to keep a hotmail account especially for browsing, because that way it could attract all the spam and so on "set shields high" etc. Then all the social media sites wanted to monetise everything, and inevitably the account got linked to something else.

Actually it's one account I don't use at all now, along with a BT account that gets stupid amounts of spam considering I don't even log on to it.

I suppose it indicates that there's still an awful lot of frontier behaviour around the networks.

And yes, I do follow @swiftonsecurity.

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