Saturday, 17 September 2016

Band night

We'd better publish a few pictures of the band as well. We were asked for more by some of the audience and PR shots have already been put up on reviews.
So here's Chris - the Green Day fan who has already seen them eleven times. He's counting sheep but running out, as time ticks by
and still he tries. No rest for crosstops in his mind.
Then Charlie, pop princess who has been through Girl Power, Emo, Indie and always always comes back to the One. Cue "Life is a mystery".
Meghan knows everything there is to know about every genre of music and can quote album statistics and Morrissey lyrics at the drop of a patterned bowler hat.
@pringles4_ playing louder.
Andrew the drumming peacemaker can shake the whole building whilst having a penchant for Manchester Orchestra. Doing the Simpole Math, he Copes with the Hope that can Mean Everything to Nothing.
Oh yes, and they all rock. Find a way to see them and feel the love.

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