Thursday, 25 August 2016

Thursday Thirteen 100: a movie list

I see the BBC has recently polled a bunch of critics about the top films of the 21st Century.

It's an interesting list because it largely avoids mass market movies that may sell well at the box office but are largely derivatives of a franchise. There's also a few in the list that somehow 'feel' as if they have been around longer than the list implies - Lost in Translation is 2003, for example.

I estimate to have seen around only half of the ones listed, so there's an interesting project to look up a few more that have somehow slipped past.

The top spot goes to a movie which I have watched two or three times. David Lynch's Mulholland Drive. A displaced Hollywood dream. No wonder the critics enjoy it. I'm not sure if I'd put it top, although I'd have it in my upper quartile at least.

A low budget one that's made the list is David Glazer's haunting Under the Skin, which I've also seen several times and its good that the original Tomas Alfredson version of Let The Right One In is included instead of the re-make.

Much to consider, if you like movies. Feel free to scroll...

21st Century 100 Greatest Films - BBC Poll


Pat said...

Hurrah! One I've seen - number 10.

rashbre said...

Pat Yikes! That's the one with a bolt gun!