Thursday, 14 July 2016

Thursday Thirteen: Mac panic attack edition, requiring new fusion drive.

  • An unexpected gap today. There'd normally be a computer in that spot.
  • Instead, it got 'the clicks'.
  • That's the tiny ticking sound that indicates there is something wrong with the disk.
  • It actually had a panic attack. You don't see them very often on a Mac.
  • Fortunately, I backup everything to at least a couple of other places.
  • It now needs a new fusion drive. I've replaced drives in most of the Macs at some point.
  • This one looks particularly tricky because of the glued glass and bonded screen behind which sits all the gubbins. My other iMac is easier because the front glass is held on with magnets.
  • So this one has gone to the repair place instead.
  • It should come back with a new pristine version of El Capitan.
  • It means I'll have to reinstall all the software, which can be a licence headache.
  • Maybe it's a good opportunity to prune a few items.
  • Meanwhile, I'll have to use something else.
  • So, below is a picture of the highly rare and least popular of all Mac messages, following a kernel panic and meaning something probably hardware related has just crashed.


colleen said...

My PC is like an extension of myself and when it doesn't work right I feel sick!

rashbre said...

Hi Colleen, Fortunately I have some other machines around, so the loss of the 'big' iMac isn't quite as traumatic as if it was the only computer.