Wednesday, 27 July 2016


We always say that America does big weather. This time no exception. As we walked outside this morning, it was impossible not to notice the burnt timber smell. There was a fog too, which we noticed was a strong brown colour. It was the smoke from the fire to the south. In my snapshot above, it's hard to see the sea and the horizon.

We'd driven north along Highway 1, through areas with fire warnings and fire trucks parked alongside the road, as well as huge flatbed trailers, which we later learned had carried heavy equipment to the area.

We saw one of the big planes, flying low, used to bomb the fire with retardant. The pictures are from the television coverage.

They are keeping the main route open, although understandably recommending people stay away from the area.


Pat said...

Looks like a real 1950's smog!

rashbre said...

Yes. A real pea-souper!