Thursday, 28 July 2016

que sera sera

Another day and another venue.

This time we are at Doris Day's place, in Carmel. It's a delightful location called the Cypress Inn and full of bustle and charm.

There's plenty of Doris Day items sprinkled around inside. Posters, pictures, awards. It's not overpowering, but it is interesting.

There's also many dogs, because the Inn is described as the most dog-friendly place in the most dog-friendly town in the USA. That's also directly Doris Day's influence.

Doris Day's long career has its share of twists and turns; injured dancer, then singer, then actress in many well-known films. Later she also starred in TV shows, although this was mixed up with her return from bankruptcy as a result of malpractice by others.

Then, after her long show business career, back in the 1970s she formed a dog welfare charity, which became a whole other and still ongoing chapter in her life. Whip crack away.

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