Saturday, 16 July 2016

in which I watch American Odyssey on box set

I'm about 6 or 7 episodes into the American Odyssey online box set at the moment. I've been enjoying its fairly straightforward conspiracy plot set mainly in the middle east with Anna Friel playing the lead character.

There's backroom twists in the tower blocks in Manhattan and Washington, and wide-eyed hackers and implausibly well-connected protesters. There's certain characters who exceed the law of co-incidence throughout the scripting.

It's told linearly as well, which isn't always the case nowadays and there's various artefacts used (like a USB stick Mcguffin) which helps keep the central story focussed. Although there's some mobile-phoney in the story-telling, it mostly keeps to a more physical form of interaction.

It's fairly derivative and sometimes over-acted but as a single series I'm certainly going to watch to the end.

It indicates something about American and British viewing too. The titling on the episodes is Odyssey, but NBC had 'American' stapled to the front to attempt to gain market interest from patriots. I sense some "What about if we..." script meeting moments to throw extra trinkets into the story.

In US ratings terms it didn't work and some controversial 'US soldier co-operating with Ansar Dine' moments could confound some audiences. It certainly did to the CIA operative in the safe house (Trope alert).

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