Tuesday, 12 July 2016

don't ask me what I want it for...

I received one of those fake SMS Tax Rebate messages today on my phone. Complete with the link to a form where I could have given away all my banking details.

The SMS was from TAX OFFICE and unlike most spam, it didn't have any typos.

I briefly checked the gov.uk website, which explained that gov.uk do indeed send some text messages about certain types of situation. Not this one, methinks.

There was also a place to link through to report the potential fraud.

I clicked through and filled in the police Actionfraud forms although it didn't actually ask me for information about the incoming phone number or the outgoing link. I'm assuming that the information is therefore used for statistical purposes rather than detection.

I decided to also log it to whocalledme.co.uk, where, sure enough, the number was recognised as a scam. As, indeed, it was also recognised on moneysavingexpert, where it has been reported since 2009.

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