Monday, 4 July 2016

cute kittens and brexit revelations

Despite the internet being made of kittens, theres's still that strange gravitational pull to the ongoing Brexit saga. I'll keep it staccato today.
  • There's the sound of lawyers cranking up to make money from the Article 50 triggering/no triggering.
  • Johnston is back today, shouting from the sidelines. By using Gove as a flimsy excuse to not stand, I suggest he has lost that voice.
  • Gove keeps talking about morality, like he hasn't just betrayed at least two of his buddies.
  • Speculation that Gove's moves are assisted by a) journo wife b) fine wine c)Dominic Cummings.
  • The Osborne excuse: He's needed a way to get out of the austerity plan that didn't work. Now he is using it.
  • Andrea Leadsom's Jersey buy-to-let and trust fund accounting is surfacing, manipulated by her same-party rivals.
  • No Plan: They've given the next moves team to ex Mr 'Poll Tax' Letwin who has so much dodgy form it's laughable.
  • The Opposition are on hold until after the disgustingly delayed Chilcot report, when Corbyn or his acolytes can speak about Blair.
  • Post-Chilcot is when the Labour leadership challenge properly kicks in.
  • Both Labour and Tory are adding membership in the lead-up to their elections. No 'cooling-in' period to prevent ballot stuffing?
  • When Corbyn wins the Labour leadership vote the party will split into two.
  • Farage completes the parade of quitters; easier now to work it from the sidelines?
  • The No-plan Plan: no wonder there's increased talk of delaying the Article 50 button press.
  • The trouble with a quick election is both voter fatigue and an open invitation for even the headless UKIP to gain large numbers of seats from Labour.

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colleen said...

What a scramble! Trump is even worse.