Tuesday, 7 June 2016

two tribes referendum edit suggestion

The politicians continue their descent into squabbling about the UK membership of the EU ahead of the referendum in a couple of weeks. It isn't pretty and has become a useless and distorted form of debate.

The tawdry sound bites and invented facts spin on, designed by various advisors with their behavioural analysis spreadsheets. There's a countdown sequence and a few more tactical bombshells placed ready to be used in the last few days.

The whole proposition has become transaction oriented, despite the long-term effect of the result. The politicians cynically seek the single winning product feature to clinch their Remain or Leave argument on the 23rd June.

We all know that there is no right answer. That either way will open a route to more criticisms as the eventual scenario plays out.

I've already voted. I won't need to listen to any more of the idiot hokum until it's over and hopefully some of the crass so-called leaders get fired.

They probably won't though, despite breaking cover to show what they really think of their electorate.

Meanwhile, here's Frankie's take on polemics back in the Cold War. Over thirty years old, someone should re-make this for 2016.

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