Sunday, 26 June 2016

reflex politics without a plan

Cameron was still saying 'stability' as he made that hospital pass to his successor PM.

No wonder Johnston and Gove looked ashen as they realised they would actually have to make Brexit achievable.

Careerist Boris doesn't really care and has been busy phoning to get support for his next step. Don't worry, he can leave the implementation details to his operarios.

Meanwhile the usually hi-viz Osborne has gone missing, leaving Mark Carney to stabilise the plunging market.

Corbyn is sputtering along whilst his cabinet break formation forcing his wingman to return from the silent disco at Glastonbury. Bliar's reappearance on TV spots can't have helped and we now see the Labour party nobbling itself at the exact time that the Tories are in disarray.

If Nicola Sturgeon does rename the SNP as the EUP then with a few recruits from elsewhere perhaps it becomes the next opposition?

In Brussels the now UK-hostile EU suits are picking through their collateral damage as they try to force-start the Brexit process and already uninviting Cameron from their huddles.

By Tuesday that could all get rather messy with the Punch and Judy show both onshore with opposition leadership doubts and offshore with Cameron in EU talks.

Beyond the market collapses (maybe Italian or Spanish Stock market suspension on Monday?) someone should be adding up the cost to date of the decision.

Aside from all the lies told to the voters ahead of the Referendum, the biggest deceit of all was that there was no plan.

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