Wednesday, 18 May 2016

train time

Train ride - waiting for coach J
Having driven the blue car north, I came back on the train. Platform 3, coach J, seat 09.

Except the train arrived without a coach J because of something to do with Edinburgh. Nonetheless, I managed to get a block of four seats,with two more to the side, in what was a comfortably empty train.
Train ride - An MK4 like the one I'm on
Something like this one, although this was actually on another track. Then south, with only two other stops before London. Darlington and York, then fast all the way.
Train ride - London gin in preparation
I'd had a few days away from London, so a suitable refreshment (or two) seemed to be in order, compliments of the rail company. Then something I seldom do on a commuter train - simply watching the world go by out of the windows.
Train ride - Quiet Coach
Perhaps it was because I was in a designated quiet coach - but I didn't fire up the gadgetry, aside from a few iPhone snaps along the journey. Instead watch the unfolding scenery of spring fields.
Train ride - Window view
Okay, and a few pieces of railway paraphernalia, like these diesel locomotives - in this case parked at York by the railway museum.
Train ride - Diesel locomotives
Then a pause at York before starting the non-stop run for the rest of the way into London.
Train ride - York - last stop before London
A blend of countryside, some industrial reminders and even some scenic interludes, like the bridge across the canal.
Train ride - boost of power
I don't know whether modern train drivers are supposed to keep the trains moving at all times, but we slowed enough here to take the picture through the girders of the steel bridge.
Train ride - Sightseeing by the canal
This was also around the point that the complimentary lunch arrived, so despite a few minutes delay, it was an altogether enjoyable experience. And then, almost before I was expecting it, we were at Finsbury Park, on the home stretch into London.
Train ride - Finsbury Park
Time to gather my few lightweight travelling items, ready to bundle out at Kings Cross and across to a tube. Not bad at an average land speed of about 85mph - including stops, compared with about 50mph in the car - and I won't mention the typical number of motorway holdups...
Train ride - Kings Cross

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