Tuesday, 17 May 2016

blending the yorkshire puddings

Presumably closing the BBC 11,000 food recipe web-site is partly a political gesture to illustrate that some eye-catching savings are being made?

Let's say an average recipe takes 2000 words and 20kB pictures. Round it up generously to 100kB per recipe and we get to maybe around a gigabyte of data. I'm sure there's a people-based workflow to manage it, but it's still a small drop of gravy in the BBC budget.

I checked the recipe for Yorkshire pudding. The BBC food recipes site uses suggests beef fat (which is probably traditional) whilst the BBC Good Food site uses sunflower oil. I expect there's a few more herb-laden recipes that didn't surface?

The whole event smacks of a diversionary tactic. Slice, dice, mix and create froth.

Mix well and serve.

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