Wednesday, 25 May 2016

around a week ago in the north east #ww

This could have been a Wordless Wednesday post, although it looks as if WW has quietly disappeared.

Update (found it!) here

Anyway, marvel at the almost #ww blue car safely docked adjacent to the Sage spaceship.

Whatever weather, this rooftop parking spot is a great place to absorb epic north-eastern vistas.


GayNYCDad said...

Welcome back to WW!

colleen said...

Ah, there's a story there! You should also check out 13 Thursday, still going on! We are old timers in the blog world!

E said...

Beautiful - I love the filters you've put on. Thank you for visiting me too!

Zippi Kit said...

That's a great shot and I'm glad you pumped the blues a bit. That's the fun of it all, yes?