Saturday, 23 April 2016

using MiFi whilst waiting for broadband

The distant building project has also created a few technical challenges.

The people from Openreach are just sorting out the manhole covers and wires so that providing an interim internet connection has required ingenuity.

I'm using a MiFi solution. This uses a Huawei black box, which takes a regular 4G SIMM card, finds a signal and then works as a hotspot. Easy-peasy to set up - the hardest part was finding out how to fit the SIMM card (RTFM).

It also has an ethernet connection, so I was able to hook it up to a Mac Time Capsule and then broadcast a nice strong secure Wifi signal as well as providing an across-the-wire ethernet link to the internet.

It's a bit pricey to use at around £10 per Gigabyte, but will do nicely until the regular broadband arrives.

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