Thursday, 21 April 2016

scratching a living

I've received an email from Companies House about new rules for People with Significant Control (PSC).

It says I'll need to create a new confirmation statement and ensure that the company register and SIC codes for my company are up-to-date.

It adds that from 30 June, I won't need to complete an annual return (which was free to complete) but will instead need to file at least once a year a new confirmation statement - for which I will now have to pay a fee.

It's all to do with the 275 page Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act, which is designed to help UK business compete, get finance to create jobs, grow, innovate and export.

I found the relevant PSC 'Company Transparency' information in section 80, on page 60 of the report, just after a section about Destination Information related to education.

I'm not convinced that the document is the best example of crystal clear writing and when I ran 'drivel defence' against the 'Transparency' section it gave an average sentence length of 37 words. The longest sentence in the section was 137 words. Of 65 sentences, 47 were longer than 20 words.

But then I notice that the introduction to the Act was only one sentence. 903 characters or 133 words. Perhaps the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and the Commons in this present Parliament assembled need to tighten up on their writing style? I believe they are about to stop using parchment.

(Average sentence length of this post = 20.25 words)

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