Sunday, 10 April 2016

not the aga questions all over again?

Fair play that Cameron has released his income and expenses across the last few years, although I suppose people will also delve into the detail. I noticed that the interest on his second home in Witney which used to be paid for by the taxpayer seems to not feature.

I recollect that the monthly amount claimed for the interest for this back in the mid 2000s was about £1,776, (around £20k per annum) according to the claims forms. He also had the Aga chimney repaired, the oil for the stove and even the wisteria maintenance paid for by the taxpayers - all of which were his entitlement.

Perhaps the rental income on his spare homes now covers this? After all Dave's (50%?) share of the annual net rental income is now £46,000 per annum.

I wonder if he will ask his Cabinet to make similar declarations? He did say he would back in 2012.

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Pat said...

Seems Jeremy whatsit isn't blameless either. Quelle surprise!