Wednesday, 20 April 2016

a frontier click into the past

P4200207-Edit.jpgThe car is clean again after its time spent on a building site. There was a team of about five people cleaning it and even in true pit-stop style it still took them about five minutes to get it nice and sparkly.
There was a frontier land feeling to the time on-site. I was staying at the very end of the current addressable world and even the delivery drivers needed piloting in for the last part of the journey.

And a fascinating thing is that this is one of those parts where in Google there's a proper time machine effect.

The main roads get updated more recently than the side roads, so it is still possible to jump from 'Now' (well, April 2015) across a one-click boundary into 'Then' (2009) and see the striking difference in the terrain.

There's plenty of examples of this sprinkled around Google Maps. Just find a newish building site and then look around and there will almost certainly be some of the older land behind.

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