Thursday, 24 March 2016

so the new iPhone looks like the old excellent industrially designed iPhone?

The announcements about the newest iPhone are more muted because it is, after all, a device that looks like one of their previous generation designs.

For me this is great news.

My existing phone still does great service, although I often use a battery pack to keep it working for a full day. I've had occasions when the phone has been at 45% by 10:00 in the morning, when I'm doing busy things around London. That's more about me than the phone though.

The svelte 5s design is still, for me, a winner and I'm pleased to see that Apple have figured a way to cram just about all of the electronics of the 6s series into the 5 (SE) shell. For once, if I update, then I won't need to change my car accessory holder again.

I'm probably not exactly the target market for the SE (I assume that's the 7), but the SE could well be a useful way to get better battery life, near-field Pay and improved camera capabilities for what amounts to about 55% the price of my original device - And still be able to use the old accessories with it.

As Apple sets its sights on China and India, these smaller form factor and less expensive units become their gateway devices.

I assume they will prefer to ship as many units as possible with the Pay facility, which they can also link to their wider plans in these markets.

The share price hasn't moved much yet, but I'll guess there will be action as the implications of these relatively modest sounding announcements become apparent.

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