Saturday, 12 December 2015

test triggering Ableton Push 2

PC090313.jpg Push 2
Any excuse really.

All those synth tracks in Mr Robot has made me think about programming some new stuff and then seeing Rita Ora on TFI Friday doing synth-laden 90s pop. It must be okay again.

Fortunately the replacement Ableton Push device arrived. I did that thing where you can exchange the old device and it goes to a children's music charity.

I briefly compared the Push and the Push 2, but it should be obvious that there's a whole lot more screen read-outs in the higher resolution screen on the new one. Less obvious is the highly increased sensitivity of the pads, and the ease of navigating through sample directories.

A short test live mix below in session view. I was going to put it up as sound only, but I'd deleted my usual hosting directory. It's more guitar-based than synths, although I'm only testing it at the moment.

You get to see me dragging in and triggering a few samples - before I get down to any proper programming. I'd better call Christina Nott.


Pat said...

That looks fun:)

rashbre said...

About time I did some more music. We had some guitarists around last weekend and it's reminded me to have another bash.