Saturday, 21 November 2015

an early tip tap on the wind pane

It wasn't Abigail or even Barney that started the real temperature cool down around our way this year.

But before getting to that, who came up with the names? They said it was from voting.

I can go with Abigail as a possible choice. But Barney? Didn't anyone vote for the 'B's? or is there a special rule that the names can't be so well known? The only Barneys I can think of are Fred Flintstone's best friend and that colourful dinosaur. Maybe Brian wouldn't be a tough enough sounding name for a storm, and presumably Boris is a reserved word at the moment. I'll wait to see if we get Derek when it gets to D.

It was a day or so after Barney I first noticed the razor chill. Admittedly I was wearing a tee-shirt but the weather was properly cold.

The previous smell of autumn had suddenly changed. Instead of November's damp leaves and earth there was a smell that I can only really associate with coldness. It somehow just felt as if winter was beginning to scrape around the brickwork looking for the window panes.

Today it's different, like the seasonal change has somehow backed out again. Its supposed to be colder, but I've once again got that autumnal aroma of leaves, at least for a few more days.

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