Monday, 12 October 2015

keep on vanning

Keeping something of a road theme, we've been visited by all manner of trades' vehicles over the last few weeks, courtesy of the kitchen re-fit. One thing I've noticed is the increasing range of van colours in use. The old speculation about vans being white doesn't seem to apply around here.

I'd almost go so far as to say blue has taken over, except that one of the guys told me with only half a smile that it's plumbers who choose blue. The fella with the steel girder had a silver pick-up truck. The electricians came along in two blue vans. We had a guest appearance of a red van. So I'm not buying it that there's specific colours by trade.

It also got me thinking of the London services which have raised white van person to a gentlemen/lady thing. The most frequent I see are White Van Gentlemen, who also do occasional leaflet drops around the low SWs.

Next is the slightly less cleverly named Gentleman and a Van, which is usually in a royal blue livery, complete with a top-hat toting parcel carrier logo on the outside.

And the more recent Ladies and a Van, which is a sort of -er- magenta colour.

Although I think the Aussie Man and Van was probably the original of this type.

Nowadays the Aussie company seem to have huge articulated lorries as well as Ford Transits. Fair dinkum.

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