Tuesday, 15 September 2015

you say you want a demolition?

The kitchen project is now underway. We've demolished and cleared out the old one and have a skip piled high with rubble parked on the drive.

Another task has been the removal of an arched wall and there's another piece to go too, but the last piece needs a new lintel before it can be demolished.
The plumbing and gas has been stopped off, except for the water main. This means no water in the kitchen at present. Well, there's no sink so its all a bit like camping.
Okay, not quite like camping. The old fitted fridge has been temporarily repurposed as a stand-alone unit, but even making a cup of coffee is now complex, what with obtaining water from one part of the house and making the actual drink in another.

I suppose it is good for the step-count.

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OldLady Of The Hills said...

Looking forward to seeing the "new" kitchen.....Remodeling is often so very hard and nothing arrives when it should, etc.....Much Good Luck with this major project.When I was still living at home----a million years ago----my mother re-did the Kitchen and we were using a Hot plate and washing dishes and such in a bathroom sink---this went on for months!! Fun, isn't it? LOL!