Wednesday, 23 September 2015

this time it is a surfeit of cardboard and polystyrene

All that empty kitchen space has been refilled with boxes and packaging, until we can get the new kitchen unpacked and installed. There's a few bits missing, notably the washing machine and the ovens.

Meanwhile, it's time to get the other items arranges in a tidy line around the walls.

There's a new hole to cut in the floor too, to add another pipe to connect the water softener, which will need to go in a cupboard instead of under the sink.

My black bobble hat has acquired a new white spotty colour scheme from putting the mist coat onto the ceiling. That's the preliminary coat of watered down paint which gets sucked into the fresh ceiling plaster.
I know, it's all looking a bit messy still, but will start to come together when I dab some undercoat onto the walls to hide the multiple archaeological layers of paint-schemes.
Then for the fun part as we start unpacking everything.

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