Monday, 21 September 2015

pig in a poke?

Derek Jarman made that Edward II movie based around Marlowe's play featuring his relationship with the Earl of Cornwall.

That's Piers Gaveston, whose name has popped up in connection with that new book about Dave Cameron. The debate about Gaveston also included the negative effect his influence had on Edward II's reign.

Hidden influences and a corruption of power amongst posh toffs? Then or now? And scant supporting evidence so it's difficult to know who is telling porkies.

A later Jarman movie dramatised 'The Last of England', about loss of culture and values during the 1980s. Whether Cameron is doing something similar with the 2010s can also be a matter for reflection.

Take the latest example: Cameron's best friend is in China offering nuclear reactor, stock exchange and currency deals.

The headline grabber has been the £2bn loan guarantee for the Pressurised Water Reactor from the UK government, although the current projected cost of the new Hinckley Point C has moved from £13bn in 2013 to currently £24.5bn.

Not quite doubling in 2 years but well on the way. The current EPR design is also based on one that has slipped into problems in a couple of other locations.

The completion date has already been moved back from 2023. However it is looked at, the Chinese and EDF get a great deal on the power produced (£92.50/MWh, index-linked), being at around twice the prevailing Jan 2015 £50/MWh price.

Cozy also for Osborne and Cameron when President Xi Jinping pops over to London in October.

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