Wednesday, 9 September 2015

more tsundoku with the tacx bracket

More of that tsundoku feeling when I re-discovered this iPad rack.

It's for mounting on a bike. Not to be used on the road, but suitable for use with a turbo set-up. I acquired it sometime last year but at a time when the bike was better suited to going on roads rather than being placed on a turbo.

I'll get it working this year, probably with the Tacx and Trainerroad software although I doubt whether an iPad will allow simultaneous playing of a TV show and the use of the trainer metrics. First job is to find an iPad capable of working with the ANT+ protocol so I can link it to the Bushido.

Hmm. Bushido, tsunduko, ant+, tacx - it's like I'm talking in 積ん読 code.

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