Thursday, 17 September 2015

I am too easily distracted from the TV show about Gamechangers

I've just suffered my way through that tv show about the making of GTA3, thr hoodlum car chase video game.

Daniel Radcliffe played Sam Houser, one of the two brothers running Rockstar, which made the game that courted controversy and sold by the truckload.

The generally limp script squeezed in two jokes by Radcliffe's character about "not another game with hairy goblins on a quest", but the whole screenplay smacked of a hurried botch-job.

It was one of those situations where I suspect most multi-screen viewers would also be doing something else. Tardy exposition as the forces of respectable god-fearing middle-aged middle-America battled with the devilish reprobates of Brit-yoof.

The rich-thirty something Rockstars could easily trounce the do-gooder in court, and sent in their legal heavies in a couple of black quasi-government looking SUVs. The plot-line ran on rails, with possibly greater predictability than the scenes in the computer game.

And we had slacker-dude looking people churning code and explaining things in sub-Ladybird book language to the lawyers. In fairness, the original Ladybird Book of Computers was quite good at explaining computers to the lay-person, although the genre did get somewhat subverted.

Who can disagree with this version which includes favorite examples such as "Blue is a popular colour" and "Office Romances Displease Computers"?

And that became the first problem viewing the TV programme. I've seen the one about The Facebook, and this seemed to be a derivative copy, where there was still a nerdy guy, followers who reacted badly to his demands and a court conflict situation.

Apparently Rockstar tweeted their own displeasure during its screening, and it had me ironically thinking not of a speeding sports car, but instead of a poorly parked car blocking more spaces than it should.

Hardly gangster, grand theft, but I'm sure Ladybird would have an angle on it.

The second problem was that I started to find the alternative Ladybird covers more interesting than the TV show.

The tv show had the Americans criticising the British for their bad taste as I stumbled onto this one.

An ideal complement to an evening with Breaking Bad?

And then it all started to get a bit silly...

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