Monday, 7 September 2015

gadget tsundoku

I have one of those piles of unread books from the usual combination of purchases, gifts, recommendations and similar. The above illustration is just a few percentage of the problem.

I've another virtual pile of reading matter on my Kindle, where I've ordered things, planned to start them and then stalled.

The Japanese have a slang word for these book heaps. Tsundoku.

There needs to be another word for the other random piles of stuff that get saved for later. Most of ours seems to migrate into the garage, to eventually get triaged into:
  • Definitely useful
  • No hope
  • Possible use if adapted
My recent camera rig project has been mainly assembled from such bric-a-brac.

Although, come to think of it, next week we're getting another skip, in preparation for the re-build of the kitchen. And hopefully the kitchen won't be constructed from old parts stored in the garage.


Pat said...

Good luck with the kitchen. Mine is now an oasis of calm but the making of it was taxing especially as we had root infested drains at the same time.
Things are looking up. Our boiler room which I could hardly bear to enter is now clean and tidy thanks to my step daughter and hubs.

rashbre said...

Pat Another few days before it all starts. I'm glad your is all done and settled.