Monday, 7 September 2015

Completing the camera rig for the Lumix GH1 (DSLR camcorder build - Part 8)

The re-chipped Lumix GH1 camera rig is pretty much complete.

I still need to add a black flexible donut ring (yep - that's how it is spelled). There's another term for it too, but I won't use that in this blog. Come to think of it they are also sometimes called bellows.

The donut/bellows is to block light between the lens and the start of the matte box.

My existing setup will work without it, but adding it will make things more free from flare. I estimate about £14 for that piece, which would just take me to the £100 mark for the entire camera.

Although this camera will already record stereo sound, I'll next be thinking about a better way to record separate sound, still on a budget.

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