Monday, 21 September 2015

3000 bike miles this year and nine million steps since Santa Barbara

I've just gone over the 3,000 mile mark this year with my cycling. That is roughly on track towards a total of 4,000 by year end.

Nowadays I set targets as Bronze = 2,000 miles, Silver = 3,000 miles and Gold = 4,000 miles.

I guess that means I've reached Silver for this year so far.

I also had a quick look at my other rather neglected statistics and discovered that I'm around 9 million steps since I started using a fitbit.

That's 9 million steps since I first walked along the beach at Santa Barbara with it. Cue a gratuitous Santa Barbara picture, showing the waters edge where it all started.
The timestamp on the picture says I took it on 18th August 2013, so by that reckoning I'm clocking around 4,500,000 steps per year.

Not too bad, although I still get those sub 10,000 step days most weeks, although I guess my average is around 12,000 which admittedly includes my cycling "steps" as well (I use one pedal revolution to equate to one step as a reasonable approximation).

That's why I still prefer the fitbit one to all of the wrist-type devices. It can be hidden, isn't fidgety on the wrist and can easily adapt for cycling.

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