Sunday, 23 August 2015

The rumoured real reason for the One Direction split

One Direction claim to be the most successful band since The Beatles, at least based upon record sales.

I don't actually own any One Direction music, although I borrowed the lyrics from 'Drag me down' to write a Riverside Detectives track for Mixtape - yes - dragging the lake, Elvis Costello style.

I've also stayed in the same hotel in Barcelona as Louis Tomlinson, during some of his own recent rumour sessions.

Complete with the impressive gangway of teenagers watching the entrance to the hotel and the few that managed to sneak past the security cordon to the inside. I wondered at the time whether Louis would simply use the downstairs entrance via the car park instead of the main entrance lobby doorway. I suppose it is a celebrity thing?

The media reports that the success of One Direction is based partly on their use of social media, with millions of fans following each of the band.

Curiously, twitter isn't the automatic choice for teenagers with, instead, Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat getting higher coverage.

The number one social media appears to still be person to person texting although I suspect WhatsApp would get a higher placing in any new survey.

Our marketing for the show in Edinburgh Fringe uses a mixture of the social media to generate interest. In a modest way, it's working for us, so I suppose the scale for One Direction to their Directioneers must enormously magnifies that type of effect.

As for the not-so-secret rumour: If 1D members have really amassed £45m each, then I guess they can realistically take time out to individually pursue sola careers.

For the Svengalis operating them, it also keeps the odds good for the future. Insulate current turmoil via solo projects and then promote a comeback tour.


As the female detective said to the male detective in the lyric rework: "Nobody can drag me down."

And yes. Tickets for Mixtape at #edfringe are still available: Underbelly and Edfringe office

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