Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Jenny Bede at the Pleasance

Along to the Pleasance Courtyard to see Jenny Bede. A hoot of a show.

We were seated in the front row, a few feet from Jenny and potentially in the line of fire to be selected for her questions.

It was a fine show, a mix of music and sharp witted comedy.

There was an enviable amount of fresh content, which flipped across several topic areas in the all-too-brief hour slot.

Caption: (improbability drive engaged) Drake the Canadian rapper

We had the demise of gangster rappers, a love poem to Drake, a possible feminist alternative genre of music, a whole love story built around emojis, a brief excursion into wedmin, useful thoughts on clubbing and a few stories involving cuddly dogs, writing capes and ways to slam the microphone (better onto a dressing gown).

Content rich, you could say.

Jenny is great as an all rounder, comedic, sharp writing, musicality, an engaging personality and able to bust the moves to keep it jiggy.

Here's an excerpt of her *ahem* interviewing 'Taylor Swift'.

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