Saturday, 8 August 2015

first #edfringe impressions for @ukmixtape

P8081996 The Kenny Newman Show
Time for it all to kick off properly in Edinburgh. This was me running into the Kenny Newman Show, on one of my trips along the Royal Mile.

We've been here since Wednesday/Thursday (tech arrived earlier), and at that time things were still comparatively quiet.

I took a picture of the start of the Royal Mile before the crowds arrive, although even at that point there's a few signs of what is to come.
P8061975  The Royal Mile - before it all kicks off
Actually some of the street's posters were already looking in need of replacement, with the wear and tear of light foot traffic ahead of the main onslaught.

Thursday evening we'd taken a look along the street before the show, and worked out that most of the people there were - well - tourists rather than early evening punters looking for a Fringe show.

Now it's Saturday and things have changed.

The flyers are out in force.

I was offered several free tickets (which I refused) by people papering their shows to get early attendance.
P8081992 - Royal Mile - let the flyering commence
For Mixtape, we'd already had two busy preview nights, although the first one was a nail biter because the queue looked empty until just before the start.

Fortunately people came along and we all had a fun evening. Here's the first winners of the Edinburgh Golden Mixtape:

Then Friday saw a bigger crowd and a high-scoring winning team, so things are moving in the right direction.

(We'll get the photo opportunities right sooner or later)

And the Underbelly Cowgate is a great venue, with the Belly Laugh space ideal for the show.
P8082002 Underbelly - getting a queue started
But hey it's early days and tonight is the official First Night for Mixtape, looking forward to a Mega Mix show.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

How exciting to be there for this very special Event!!!! The Theatre I belong to has, in the pas,t been a part of The Festival....and a couple of plays were part of the Fringe, as well, over the many years......

rashbre said...

Naomi I think its the biggest arts festival in the world now and the ticketing is on a scale similar to the Olympics or Soccer World Cup. There's around 3,300 shows being performed across over 300 venues and about 70,000 performances through August.