Monday, 3 August 2015

Comparing television road programmes by party success

Will Young at CarFest (small pix for Julie)
With the recent talk of which UK car programme is to be presented by which person, I thought an experiment was worthwhile. Simply put, which presenter could throw the best party? And perhaps which would be the most worthy?

I've seen the group of presenters that are about to be transferred to Amazon run a party before. It's on the TV channel Dave most weeks and is pretty awful. I can't place it as worthy, and most of the time the same group seem to smash everything up, set fire to it and tell everyone that their selected form of transport is inferior to that available to millionaire TV presenters.
This brings me to Chris Evans and the party we attended on Sunday. Part of the CarFest events, and a charity money raiser for Save The Children. I think that ticks the worthy box, along with it being a highly enjoyable day, with Chris Evans acting as a superlative host to the many people at the event.
We arrived as the car track events were in full swing. I don't know much about cars, but they'd included a few fun ones like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a kind of James Bond style Aston Martin and a wide range of Ferrari and similar supercars.
Later we saw club cars, hot-rods, dragsters and a selection of Formula 1 cars on the track too.
This is about when we had a footwear disaster and had to return to the car for a speedy changeover. By the time we got back, the music had started and then rocked on for the next six or so hours, well into the dark hours, when everything finished with fireworks.
No contest for who won.
More on the music later.


Pat said...

CE is very good at this sort of thing but I think he has an ego the size of Bristol.

rashbre said...

Pat I don't know. As you say, he seems good at this type of thing. He was also clearly trying to give this event 'his all'.