Friday, 14 August 2015

An Illuminating Yarn at Space, Edinburgh

This time we were yarn-bombing at the Edinburgh Fringe. The show was in a rather posh venue within the Radisson Hotel, where the gin-and-tonics were a surprisingly robust price.

A charming little story set in Saltburn-on-Sea where mystery knitted dolls appeared on the pier. The two main characters Clare and Nina go out to take a look...

Knitted together by Jane Pickthall to provide social commentary as well as the main yarn, the two friends and a passing community watch officer make a surprising discovery.

It was a well-acted by the two main characters of Hannah Walker and Jill Dellow, and supported by Matt Howden as the patrolman. The script shines a torch on some aspects of British culture, the economy and unemployment, with the backdrop of the pier and the mysterious appearance of varied characters.

An enjoyable hour, featuring a simple premise with some sharp back commentary.


Pat said...

This sounds a welcome oasis.

rashbre said...

Indeed so.