Monday, 10 August 2015

Along the Royal Mile

P8081998 - Fourth Monkey's Grim Tales
Out and about around the Fringe today. The Royal Mile has become busy with festival people, both flyering and looking for shows.

Some shows are excellent, and I've only really been to one that, for me, was a bit of a nosedive. I had that feeling about 5 minutes into the show and even with the crowded stage of actors I wasn't able to recover nor escape. The long pauses whilst actors lifelessly tried to remember lines, the sudden jumps in continuity and logic left me and many others covering their faces with their hands to avoid offence.

But enough of that, there's still oodles of good stuff and many actors and characters promoting their shows along the Royal Mile and throughout large swathes of Edinburgh.

We're off to another show in awhile, and at some point I'll have to find time to write about another one properly. Meantime, my twitter feed is full of #edfringe and inevitably @ukmixtape messages, and I guess it will continue to be so until the end of August.

For now, here's Sweeney Todd:
P8081994 Sweeney Todd - The Panto
And maybe some late night cabaret farce. As one audience member put it: "So funny I had to use my inhaler"

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