Thursday, 2 July 2015

Using Olympus OM-Ds for Mixtape photoshoot

We've started sifting through the various pictures from the Mixtape Photoshoot last Sunday. We are in main marketing mode at the moment, with leaflets, posters and social media publicity being released.

For the snaps I used a couple of Olympus OM-Ds, one with a 45mm lens for basic portraiture (=90mm at 35mm) and another with the very useful 9-18mm wide-angle (=18-36mm at 35mm), which works well in the enclosed spaces.
I've pretty much moved from Aperture to Lightroom now and it handles most adjustments I need. By comparison, I only use Apple Photo to extract pictures from my iPhone.

Lightroom is much quicker to use than Photoshop for most of my photo edits and I only used PS for pictures requiring people to be moved around in the frame (Don't ask).

Since I started using Olympus OM-Ds a couple of years ago they have progressively become my go-to camera.

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