Tuesday, 28 July 2015

scanned in depth

Something of a personal best this time when I came through airport security. I was travelling alone, with only small hand luggage.

I'd already take my laptop, iPad and Kindle out of the small briefcase and put them into a tray.


I removed my belt.

"What's in the other bag? Anything electrical?"

"Some cameras"

"Please could you remove them"

"Are you wearing boots? Can you remove them too."

By now I was up to five trays. This is my personal record.

Through the scanner.


Man scans me. Nothing found.

"Random check. Please could you go into the body scanner and stand on the yellow footprints"

I do. No beeps.

He asks me to go back past the metal scanner and then back in again.

All okay.

Then I start to gather my five trays of items together. Two still cameras, a video camera, a laptop, an iPad, a kindle, some minor toiletries in one of these see-through bags. My belt. My shoes, My small briefcase, My phone.

"Is this your bag?" asks another man.


He starts to go through the "Did you pack it yourself?" questions.

We progressively empty it. He takes everything that is in an inner bag out and dusts everything with one of those special wipes.

All clear.

I start to repack. Other passengers pretend not to notice.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Traveling sounds like a real nightmare now. I understand the need for all the precautions, but there is something rather humiliating about the whole process going through all the scanning stuff. The last time I was able to travel was before 9/11, so I have not experienced any if the things you and others have to go through. I guess if you travel a lot, which you do, you get used to it....but....it seems so very invasive to me.

rashbre said...

Naomi I suppose we just get used to it. i have to remember not to be overly humorous when being checked too, so that they don't think that I am even more suspicious.