Friday, 19 June 2015

test loading of bike into car boot in prep for @TheBHF #L2B

I thought I'd try a test loading of the bike into the car boot. It doesn't really need to be there until Saturday afternoon, ahead of the British Heart Foundation London to Brighton cycle ride on Sunday.

However, it is surprising how many small things pop up that are better handled in advance, with this test.

I've fixed most things now and got everything down to a low operating weight, although I will take my small backpack this time.

It drove me nuts last year carrying random loose items in damaged carrier bags once the bike had been loaded onto the articulated lorry for the return trip to Clapham Common.


Carmi Levy said...

I can't put into words how happy these photos make me! Whenever I buy a car - thankfully not often, but it remains a necessary evil of modern urban life - I always test-load my bike into the back to ensure it fits. My current vehicle is especially bike-friendly, with a wide opening, tons of room between the wheel wells, and enough depth that I can even load it without having to remove the front wheel.

So glad to see you're logging some meaningful mega-rides. It's raining here in the other London today, but you've inspired me to roll out again on two wheels once the clouds clear. Nothing beats an early morning spin as the fog slowly burns off.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Hope today was a Good Bike Day for you, my dear.....!

rashbre said...

Carmi Yes, good fun to go for a spin. I was testing the bike in the boot for bike related hiccups on this occasion. What have I forgotten etc. I do have to remove the front wheel to get mine to fit, although its only a matter of moments to do this.

rashbre said...

Naomi Thank you for the wishes. And yes, a fine day for the bike ride!