Sunday, 7 June 2015

a sticky continental moment with a bicycle

I swapped the tyres over on the carbon bike. I've moved from 23mm to 25mm, which doesn't sound much of a difference but rather increases the comfort at little expense to the rolling resistance. Yes, the garage was filled with the heady aroma of sticky chilli compound from the Continental Grand Prix SP4000S Mark II. Would it be possible to have a much longer name for a bike tyre?

If I was a better cyclist then maybe the wider profile of this tyre (more rubber in it so heavier) would slow me down, but at my level it just makes the ride smoother.
I've also done some cassette juggling, moving the SRAM Red 11x26 to the Fulcrum Zero wheels which still have 23mm tyres and putting the 25mm tyres on the DT Swiss with the climber's kit 11x32 gearing (Phew!)'s like having two bikes for the price of one and a quarter. Swap the wheels and it's a different bike.
I have to mention the brilliant VAR tyre levers, which I've been using. They are easily the best I've ever used and make a sometimes annoying job into something where worrying about the placement of the tyre logo on the rim starts to take precedence over the chore of pinging the tyre into place.

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