Thursday, 7 May 2015

X marks the spot

Even at quarter past seven our own polling station was busy with lines of traffic into the adjacent car park and queues forming at the desks to get ballot papers.

I noticed that most of the party leaders were also early voters, presumably to ensure the press coverage.

Not all of them though, with the Reuters feed below showing Witney's polling station at around nine o'clock which seemed to have far more press than voters.
Look carefully and you'll see that a temporary chicane has been placed on the road. It's so that a Jaguar and Range Rover can arrive uninterrupted.
The single unsuspecting normal voter that tried to get into the polling station whilst the special voters were inside discovered that the doors had been temporarily locked.

I guess the surprise of meeting the P.M. leaving made up for it. The P.M's entourage was soon noisily on its way and the rest of the press could emerge from the bushes.

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